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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Saturday, June 28, 2014

I figured it out!!

I figured out why my pages weren't showing up in my blog. The solution seemed so simple I felt kind of dumb when I figured it out. >o<
If anyone ever has this problem with Blogger, what I did was:

1. Go to Layout
2. Click "add new gadget"
3. Select the gadget titled, "pages"
4. Instead of putting it on the side where your about and follower gadgets are, simply put it right on top! Right under your header gadget. 

See what I mean now? XD

Oh, well. If anyone did have trouble, hope this helped!


First pics!

Bree here.

*Marie just came back from camp, so I might be doing a little bit more of the posting. But, note to Marie: whenever you get the chance, post some photos!!! :)

So, here I am posting the blog's first starter pics! Photo courtesy names are on bottom of pic.  



My Mom. Yes, my mom.

(Isn't this picture so cool? I happened to have the camera out right when a cloud when formed in the shape of a hand. Too cool!)


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Blogger is Acting Wierd

Hey, its Bree.
I added pages/tabs to the blog that are titled Q & A, and About. But for some crazy and weird reason, they aren't showing.  >:( 
So if you try to look for a page/tab, look to your right. The pages are listed there and you can easily view them that way.
Marie is away at camp, so I'm doing all the posting for now.
Until then, enjoy glimpsing at God's glory!


Monday, June 23, 2014

Welcome to OUR Blog!

We're so glad you're visiting! This blog was formed by two best friends named Bree and Marie, who have a gift for photography, and we are mostly drawn to God's creations, because they make such beautiful pictures, hence the name A Glimpse of His Glories. We almost named it "A Glimpse of His Glory", but it was already taken, which we respect. In fact, I (Bree) happen to follow it, which we didn't realize until we searched it to see who had taken it. :D My mom actually came up with this wonderful name, so, thank you, Mama! Love you! We also want to thank both of our mothers for granting us the privilege to start this blog, because we know God will use it for good. 
  The way this blog will operate, seeing as how there are two administrators, is that whenever one of us take a picture (which we never do. It's never just one picture. So we'll just post more! :D) and we feel like sharing it with you guys, say, Marie, will just log on and post her picture(s), maybe with a short description, and have her name at the top and bottom of the post, so you know who took the picture and she will get credit for it. 
  If you have any questions related to a certain post, post it there. If any questions are directed to anything else, such as, "what kind of camera do you two use?", that can go in our "Q & A" section, which you can find by clicking on the tab. If we are asked a similar question in different posts, we will change the tab from "Q & A" to "FAQ", and we'll have the questions posted along with answers, but you can still ask questions there. 
  * We have also posted this in the "About" tab, where people can easily read this without scrolling, scrolling, scrolling........
  * We are using screen-names, so please, anyone that knows us personally, use our display names. Thank you.
  * Follow us!!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful day, and enjoy seeing God's beautiful creations.

<3 XOXOXO <3

Bree & Marie

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