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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Free Christian Teen Ebook Deal: Jenny B. Jones


I found a really good deal on a good author that writes for teens. I thought I'd share it with ya'll. :)
Jenny B. Jones wrote it, and from what I've read so far, I like. You can visit Amazon and download In Between: A Katie Parker Production here.


I hope you enjoy!!!



  1. I looked into it and it sounded like a really good book! I see it's free, but there are about two more, and they are not... :( So I guess I will have to think about it before I get involved with loving a book, lol. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh, and lol, if I sound like I'm complaining that the rest aren't free, it's just because I have no money to be spending on books.. :( I know one thing's for sure - when I get a job in a few months, my spare money will be spent on good books! (lol, I'm kinda a book worm sometimes)

    2. Getting a job must be exciting. :D I knew that the others were not free. I think the author did that on purpose so that you'd love the free book and really want to buy the others. lol :D Smart lady! I think that's actually a good idea. I might do that once I publish my book (almost done!!)!

    3. Oh my gosh, you're writing a book? How cool is that?! lol, yeah, and I'm sure that's exactly what the author had in mind; it's a very good and smart thing, like you said.

    4. Lol, yeah. I'll put it up on my blog. :)


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