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Friday, March 20, 2015

It's Spring!


Hey Guys, Is anyone as excited as I am for Spring?
Here are some pictures I took a couple days ago.
I will definitely be taking lots of Spring pictures soon of everything blooming.  Hope you enjoy. =)

I love getting comments from you all, so if you could tell me which one your favorite was, that would be great! Have a fabulous rest of the day! 

Marie <3


  1. Wonderful post! Yes! I'm SO excited about spring! I'll be taking tons of pictures! I don't know which one is mine favorite because there all gorgeous! Great job! I also have a photography blog over at ( You can see my pictures there! ) Lovely blog/[post!!

  2. I like the sepia coloured pine cones, at lease from this distance I can't see if it is blurry or not. Does your camera have any anti shake settings? When you take photos try and hold your arms/elbows in to your side so you are holding the camera more steady. It is also a good rule to never go below 1/60 in your shutter speed unless you have a tripod, because it then gets just to hard to hold the camera steady for a good photo :D

  3. I love the photos! I especially like the one of the river. It's so tranquil and just really well done. The picture of the tree is a bit.....eerie. But in a good way. :)


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