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Photo Tag Challenge Rules

Have any of you done a photo tag before?

If not, now you will! :)

How this works is you follow this picture above with the numbered tags, and everyday take a picture of whatever that numbered word means to you.

 It could be something different for everybody. Fresh could be a lacy wedding dress for one person, while for another person it could be a picture of a rainbow over a bright blue sky.

Get it?

Post these pictures on your blog, and will will keep checking every now and then. If you can, post everyday. If not, you can post multiple pictures with the dates included, but you have to take the picture on that day.

*You can start whenever you wish, but there is a deadline.
The last day to start taking pictures is December 1st, 2014.
So the last picture should be posted on December 31st.
*You must take pictures in order listed. 

Guess what?

There's a prize.

You get interviewed about your blog.


Let us know when you start taking pics in the comment box in the contests tab.



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