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Monday, March 30, 2015

Random coolness. ;)


Hey everyone, I hope y'all's week has been spectacular! Mine has been really great but as always really busy. Highschool freshman year hasn't been easy but I am still super excited that I made it here and am REALLY excited to continue and I am planning on going to collage but it's all in God's hands so I will just follow where He leads. :) So anyways I hope that you enjoy this new batch of pictures. 

So these pictures that are next were really taken under water so some of them turned out really cool and some of the others are kind of blurry with stuff messing up the picture. I am sorry for that but I still think they turned out really cool for the most part. I hope y'all like them. :)


I hope that you enjoyed these pictures. :) I am really trying to get some of my better and more recent pictures uploaded but I haven't been having much luck. Mostly because I might have broken my pc charger... Okay, yeah, I did but it was an accident. So, anyways, I am having to use my mom's pc and whatever pictures I had already down loaded on here. I am sorry and hopefully I will have fresh pictures next week. :) Have a wonderful week, y'all. God bless and as always please comment and share with a friend.

Sunday, March 29, 2015



HI, PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPECIAL POST!!

Don't get too excited... this top picture is what made me go overboard. ;) But I will be back eventually. Just not right now. I do love this blog a lot, really, and I love you guys too. Everything I've been doing lately hasn't left me any time for the internet anyway. Lately I've been into basketball, babysitting (at our church), and school-work. And washing dishes (our dishwasher broke. ACK!!). LOL, yeah, that's my life right now! But its not bad. I've got God's beautiful artwork all around me to look at!! ;)

Anyway, that was my beautiful dog Nutmeg.

This is her, only with color. ;)

I almost didn't keep this one, but the shadow in the back told me to. XD

I <3 the tiny burst of pink in this one!

I've taken several pics with flowers up against a blue sky, and they've always been hits. I guess because its different, (because usually flowers have a background of green) but such a good backdrop for a different colored flower. Ya know? So, if you ever want to try it yourself, you have my permission. You've got inspiration now. Now go capture some more of God's creations!

Love you shutterbugs, and toodles! ;)


Monday, March 23, 2015

Animals :D


Hey, ya'll! How is you week been? Mine has been super crazy busy but really awesome too. :) I had to start school again after Spring break so that was a bummer but its been good still. I'm really excited about this week. It will be busy again though. :) I guess thats just my life now. lol I LOVE IT!!! 

Boots is praying before he eats. :)

They are brothers incase you couldn't tell. :)

Sorry, that its on its side.

Sorry, Its on its side, too.

I hope that you enjoyed them. :) I love taking pictures of people and animals while they are just living their lives because you can see their different personalities. I miss country life where I could see different animals everyday but I like my life now too. :) 

Please comment! God bless y'all. :)
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