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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Country life


Hey, y'all! I had a wonderful day. I got to go to church and we had a great sermon about trusting God even when you are in a lot of trouble and you see no way out and that sometimes God wants us to do things that seem odd but we need to trust in Him anyways and follow what He tells us to do. It was really interesting! Then when I got home I got to take a nap which was VERY enjoyable! :)

So now that I have shared with you a little about how my day was I will share with you some more of my pictures. These are from when I lived in the country. :) 

One of the chicks that we hatched. <3

I hope that you enjoyed them. I will be honest, I didn't take all of those but I did take a lot of them but they are from when I was younger so I don't remember who took all of them.

Please tell me which ones where your favs and tell me about your Sunday. God bless y'all!



  1. I can't just pick one. I love them all. <3 =)

  2. I'm glad that you like them!


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