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Friday, September 5, 2014

August Favorites

15 August Favorites 2014

Have you been curious as to what we enjoy?
Get a little idea by listening in on what our favorites were of August!

M: Marie

B: Bree

·    About August: 

M: Back-to-School 

B: Out of state family visiting 

·    Food: 

B: Cookie-dough Luna bar 

M: Summer fruit

·    Drink: 

B: Wild cherry Capri-Son 

M: Sonic Slushes

·    Music: 

M: Christian Pop 

B: Adele

·    Accessory: 

B: Yellow Duck-Head purse

M: Heart necklaces/Owl purse from Claire’s

·    About school: 

B: Web design course

M: Homeschool Co-op

·    Shoes: 

M: White sandals from Predictions 

B: Minty braided strap sandals from Wet Seal.

·    Book/series: 

B: Katie Parker Productions By Jenny B. Jones 

M: Home to Blessing by Lauraine Snelling

·    Movie: 

M: The Amazing Spider Man 2 

B: What Would Jesus Do? 

·    Scent: 

M: Coconut 

B: Mocha

·    Random: 

M: Candles 

B: Fashion

·    Hobby: 

B: Blogging 

M: Photography

·    Game: 

B: 20 Questions

M: Apples to Apples

·    Color: 

B&M: Blue

·    Place to shop: 

A: Claire's

B: Wet Seal

Hope you enjoyed reading. :)


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